Custom Shadow boxes hand made by Maxis Miniatures
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              THE LEINIE LAMENT

It was a sad day, in the summer of 2005 when it was announced that the Long-neck Leinie was to be no more.  Many summers
of enjoying the thirst-quenching, perspiration relieving, nectar of the Gods from the timeless vessel would become only a

distant memory. This limited edition, commemorating the bottle of choice, is a testimony to the long standing tradition surrounding the call of the wild:

"How 'bout a long-neck?"

Ned had eight of these shadow boxes made for this special project.

  These are being sent to my sons, my brother, my son-in-law, two nephews, and a cousin all of whom meet in the summer at our lake cabins in Northern Wisconsin.  Leinenkugel beer is the beer of choice and until this summer, 2005, was sold in "long-neck", not screw top bottles.  The new owner (Miller) of the famous brewery announced that there would be no more long-neck bottles, so I saved eight bottles for this project." 

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