Custom Shadow boxes hand made by Maxis Miniatures
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Stock #  2414P

11 Hole Pine Shadow Box

size: 1 5/8" deep x 11 1/4" wide x 

14 1/2" high


Similar Shadow Boxes

Frame of this shadow box is 3/4" thick pine.

Two center dividers are 1/2" thick pine.

Shelves are 1/4" thick pine.

This shadow box does not have a back or glass front.

Top edges are rounded on the outside.

It has two keyhole slots in the back for hanging.

Size of openings:

All openings are 1 5/8" deep x 3" wide.

1.  4 openings 3" high.

2.  4 openings 3 1/4" high.

3.  3 openings 4 1/4" high.

Stock #  2414O

11 Hole Oak Shadow Box

Made the same as 2414P


Stock #  2414W

11 Hole Walnut Shadow Box

Made the same as 2414P


Stock #  2414C

11 Hole Cherry Shadow Box

Made the same as 2414P

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View showing the keyhole slots circled in black.



Enlarged view of keyhole slot.





















View showing the interlocking dividers.




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