Glass Door Shot Glass Shadow Box with 30 openings.
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A gift was needed for a ladies retirement.  Since she had a large collection of fancy shoes this seemed to be an appropriate shadow box for her to display them in.

It's beautiful and I love it.  Much thanks, Carol.

Stock #  2562O

Oak Shoe  Display Box with 6 Openings

Glass Door.

Glass Door Oak Shadow Box with 6 Openings

size: 4 1/2"deep x 13 1/2"wide x 17"high



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This Shadow box has a hinged glass door with a latch.  The top of the lid has rounded edges.

Inside dimensions: 3" deep x 12" wide x 15 1/2" high.

Frame is made from 3/4" oak and back is 1/4" plywood. It is finished with Golden Oak stain.

The center divider is 1/2" thick oak and the shelf dividers are 1/4" thick oak.

The six openings are 3"deep x 5 5/8" wide x 5"tall.

The hinges and hasp are solid brass.

The back has two key hole slots for hanging.

Weight: 9 1/2#

Stock #  2562O

Glass Door Oak Shadow Box with 6 Openings.

This view is with the door closed.














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