Custom Shadow boxes hand made by Maxis Miniatures
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Carrie needed a way to display her collection of Lord of the Rings "battle scale" (in other words, small) action figures by Play Along.  We came up with a shadow box having two shelves.  She desired to put the finish on the pine shadow box so that it would match her other furniture.

 I had a lot of fun working on this project with you. I will definitely think of Maxi's Minis next time some collecting craze hits me and I need a place to store the new treasures!  Thanks, Carrie

Item# 3909P

Mirror Back Pine Shadow Box with Shelves

Size:  3 5/16" deep x 17 1/2" wide x 17 1/2" high

Inside: 3" deep


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Similar Shadow Boxes

This shadow box is unfinished, made out of 3/4" pine.

It has two removable shelves that are 5/16" thick.

It has a mirror in the back.

It does not have a glass front.

There are two keyhole slots in the back for hanging.

You may get this unfinished or stained for the same price.

Weight:  6 Lbs. 8 oz.

Shows the size of the openings.

 View without the shelves.

Back view showing the two key hole slots


Enlarged view of the key hole slot.


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