Custom Shadow boxes hand made by Maxis Miniatures
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Item # 3995C

Military Glass Top Cherry Display Box

Outside Dim : 3 3/8" deep x 20" wide x 22" high.

Inside  Dim. 2 1/2"deep x 18 1/2" wide x 20 1/2" high.


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Frame is made using 3/4" cherry and stained red mahogany.

Top edges are rounded inside and out.

Back is 3/16 foam board covered with royal blue felt, color choice, and backed up with 1/4" thick plywood held in place with wood screws.

The back has two key hole slots for hanging.

Weight: 11#

Back view showing key hole slots.



Stock  # 3995O

Military Glass Top Oak Display Box


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Stock  # 3995W

Military Glass Top Walnut Display Box


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Cutaway view of back showing the 3/16" foam board with 1/4" plywood.


Enlarged view showing the key hole slot for hanging.

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