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This display box was designed to hang over a pantry door opening, displaying different

grains/beans/rice/dry goods/ and anything else that might be appropriate.

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Item # 4077P

19 Hole Removable Glass Top, Pine Display Box

Outside Dim. 1 3/4" deep x 28" wide x 13" high.

Inside Dim. 1" deep


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This display box is made out of Pine and stained golden oak.

It has a glass front that is held in place with a frame   Frame can be taken off by removing six screws, three on the top side and three on the bottom side. Frame can then be lifted off and the glass can be removed by using the point of a sharp knife at either end to lift it up high enough to get your fingers under it.

This allows you to have the display box laying on a table to arrange each opening the way you want it to be. The frame with the openings and back are attached together with wood screws making it one unit.

It has two hangers secured to the back, which makes for easy hanging.

Weight: 8 1/2#


This is a view of the edge showing the three wood screws circled in white.


This is view of the back showing the two hangers circled in white.


There are the three pieces that are put together to make the display box.

This is the Box Frame and it  shows the size of all the openings.

Inside dim. is 1" deep

You will notice a small recess along the inside edge.  This is the recess for the glass to fit in.

Once the glass is in place and the frame is replaced there will be no gaps, top or bottom for items to move from one opening to another.

This is the back.

The back  is screwed to the frame above with eight wood screws making it one unit that will not need to be taken apart.

This is the top frame.

When the glass and this frame is replaced it will complete the display box. All that remains is to secured the six wood screws.

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