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Hello, I am glad to welcome you to this page.  If you have gotten this far I know that you are interested in us and our miniatures.

This is Maxis Minis, my daughter, Nancy, and my self, Max, set up at a craft show.  We started making craft shows with miniatures in 1987 and decided to expand to the Internet in 2000. Since starting this in 1987 we have accumulated a large stock of miniatures and shadow boxes.  At last count it was well over 1500 different items.  We are working toward getting the majority of these on our web pages.  Until then please feel free to contact us about any item that you do not find or any miniature that you would like to have custom made.

All craft items on these pages are handmade by Max and many of them are painted by Nancy.

Most miniatures are cut from pine, stained and painted on the front side only.  Others may be made from different wood and painted on all sides, these will normally have special notations.

After three years I found that there were very few people looking for wood miniatures on the Internet, but I was having a lot of requests for custom made shadow boxes.  This being the case I started making custom shadow boxes. I know have approximately 200 different designs.  Each one has been made at a customers request and once made I have added them to my web site.

I have very few shadow boxes in stock.  About 90% are made after a customer places an order.  I don't like this, since my back order list has know grown to the point that you can expect at least 60 days before your order will be shipped.  Since the recession, 2008, this has changed to about a week.  However, at Christmas time you should still plan on allowing 60 days.

Everything on my web sight is hand made by Max, THAT MEANS IT IS ALL MADE IN THE USA.  Some of the painting is done by my daughter.

Since I am retired I do not wish to expand my business.  If your situation will allow you to wait for your order, I will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. 

Thanks, Max 

Phone 317 462 4964 



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